Archer Master 3D: Castle Defense

CyberGoldFinch4.3204,859 votes
Archer Master 3D: Castle Defense is a medieval themed simulator game created by CyberGoldfinch. Grab your arrows and prepare to be the last person defending the castle! Shoot invading enemies as fast as possible and use upgrades to make your character stronger. Most of the town has deserted you, so do you have what it takes to save your home?


WASD or arrow keys - Move

Spacebar - Jump

Shift - Run

E - Equip bow

Left mouse button - Shoot, hold to draw the string harder

Right mouse button - Aim

Mouse scroll or Z/X - Zoom in/out

About the creator: 

Archer Master 3D: Castle Defense is created by CyberGoldfinch. They are also the creators of many other great simulator games like Deer Simulator, Tiger Simulator, and more!