Chopstick Cooking

Cat Summer4.213,417 votes

Chopstick Cooking is a nice cooking game where you have to catch the right ingredients and throw it in the right order on the plate. 

Chopstick Cooking was created by Cat Summer. 

Make sure to quickly check what is ordered and start slamming food on the plate. Make sure you put them on in the right order though. 

Next to ingredients, there are also powerups flying over. Try and grab them and earn a nice little advantage. 

Every right dish makes you earn some cash that you can use to buy some upgrades in the shop, like extra time, more XP, a higher chance for a tip, and many more! 

Are you fast enough to become the ultimate Chopstick Cooking player? 


Mouse click - grab

About the creator: 

Chopstick Cooking was created by Cat Summer.