Super Planet Fun Time

Working Title Studios4.14,832 votes

Super Planet Fun Time is a game where you have to orbit around different planets, collecting gems. Once you've collected enough gems, a big blue orb will appear on the planet. It you hit the big orb, you'll fly to another planet. Finish 3 planets to go to the next level. The game features a lot of greatly designed planets for you to explore. Next to that, the game features great graphics, and a fantastic soundtrack too. You can use the orange gems that you collect on planets, to buy new ships! Collect all the gems, orbit around all the planets and explore the whole galaxy of Super Planet Fun Time! 


Move left - A or left arrow
Move right - D or right arrow
Pause - space bar

About the creator:

Super Planet Fun Time was created by Working Title Studios. They have also created Floppy Tower!

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