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Blightborne is a game where you have to traverse through multiple dungeons to find a special artifact.
In the world of Blightborne, you start out in a village that has been plagued for years. People move out, the crops are failing, and there is even word of strange creatures that visit the town at night. You must retrieve a powerful artifact in order to make the village thrive again. Traverse the dangerous dungeons, defeat the evil creatures, collect coins to buy special items, and ultimately retrieve the magical artifact. Are you brave enough to go on this quest, get through all the dungeons and save the village?


Arrow Keys - move
Z - attack
X - dash
F - ability panel
A - previous skill
B - return to village
P - pause
C - place portal
V - pick up portal
S - next skill

About the creator:

Blightborne was created by Mizadev. They are known for the game Towntopia, here playable on Poki.