Swipe Fighter Heroes

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Swipe Fighter Heroes

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Swipe Fighter Heroes is a online fighting game created by Gamerce. The goal is to fight other players using differeny fighting styles: karate, wrestling or ninja moves. Use defensive gear to protect yourself from your opponent and block your opponents attacks in order to stun him, and gain the advantage.

Swipe Fighter Heroes features eight arenas based on real world locations. Level up your fighter, upgrade your moves and collect all weapons, and become the ultimate swipe fighter hero.

How to play?

  • Mouse - Swipe Moves
  • Down Key - Block
  • Up Key - Kick
  • Right Key - Punch
  • Q / W - Special Attack

Who is the developer?

Swipe Fighter Heroes was created by Gamerce a game development company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. You can also play their games SoulSpark, Jumping Jaxx, Killer Snake and Time Quiz on Poki.

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