Furcifer's Fungeon

PlayWithFurcifer4.2814 votes

Furcifer's Fungeon is an autoscrolling roguelike where everything you do impacts your talent options. Become a necromancer goose, or a berserker wielding a thunder blade! Collect legendary items in each run, and bring them back home for even more build options in the future. Take on tons of different types of enemies and loads of upgrades to be made to level yourself up and defeat the Fungeon!

How to play Furcifer's Fungeon ?

  • Movement: WASD or arrow keys
  • Main ability: Left mouse button
  • Special ability: Right mouse button
  • Dash: Spacebar
  • Change weapon: Scroll using the mouse scroll wheel or press TAB
  • Interact: E

Collect items, power up, defeat enemies, and take on the Fungeon!

Who created Furcifer's Fungeon?

Furcifer's Fungeon is created by PlayWithFurcifer. Play their other game on Poki: Super Kill-BOI 9000!

How can I play Furcifer's Fungeon for free?

You can play Furcifer's Fungeon for free on Poki.