Tap Roller

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Tap Roller is a puzzle game where you tap the screen to turn the maze around. Keep turning to get all the balls in the goal! Tap Roller was created by Kiemura. 
The goal is simple, turn the maze to move the balls around. Try to get all of them in the goal to continue to the next level. But be careful, when you let a ball die in one round, you will have one less to work with in the next level. Keep turning, avoid the bombs and lasers, use the springs and see how far you can get! Don't forget to unlock new characters and themes by collecting coins! 
Click - Turn maze 
About the creator: 
Tap Roller was created by Kiemura, based in Finland. He is also the creator of Piranh.io, Picky Package and Jump Around which will be his next game coming up.

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