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RotateZ is a simulation game where you add and rotate patterned tiles to reveal various complete images. Each level puts you up against another pattern, and there are more than dozens of levels to complete with differing difficulty! Study the patterns and the angles first, and then start placing and rotating your tiles. You can drag and drop a tile in the appropriate slot. In order to rotate it, you can click or tap on it once. If your current arrangement is a match, the game area will be highlighted. This will indicate whether or not you're in the right path. So make sure the entire canvas is highlighted to complete the level. Don't forget to share RotateZ with your friends and see who can finish the game faster!

How to play RotateZ?

Drag and drop a tile in the appropriate slot. Tap or click to rotate it.

Who created RotateZ?

RotateZ is created by NoPowerup, a game development company based in Vietnam. Play their other fun idle management and clicker games on Poki: SlashZ, FlowZ, Idle Gang, Survival Builder, Idle Tree City, Idle Digging Tycoon, Idle Lumber Inc, Idle Light City, Idle Success, Horse Shoeing, Merge Battle, ShootZ and Traffic Rush!

How can I play RotateZ for free?

You can play RotateZ for free on Poki.

Can I play RotateZ on mobile and desktop?

RotateZ is only playable on your computer for now.