Bonte Games3.96,227 votes

Orange is a puzzle game where every level is fundamentally different. There are 25 unique and beautifully-crafted puzzles, and you need to think outside the box to solve all of them. Feel free to use the light bulb button that will appear in the top-right corner if you're stuck at a level. Note that there are multiple hints for each level, make sure to read all of them. How quickly can you finish all 25 levels and complete Orange?

How to play Orange?

Use your left mouse button to interact with the puzzle. Click the light bulb for hints.

Who created Orange?

Orange is created by Bart Bonte. Play their other games on Poki: Sugar, Sugar, Sugar, Sugar 2, Sugar, Sugar 3, Black, Blue, Green, Pink, and Factory Balls Forever!

How can I play Orange for free?

You can play Orange for free on Poki.