Photo Puzzle: Swap Edition

Avix Games4.28,300 votes

Photo Puzzle: Swap Edition is a puzzle game where you have to swap pieces around to get them in the right spot. If you have all pieces in the right spot, you complete the level! There are 3 difficulty levels to choose from, easy, normal and hard, each adding more and more pieces to the puzzle. The game has a total of 500 levels! Can you complete them all?

How to play:

Either click and hold, or click on two different pieces to swap them. If the piece is in the right place, it becomes blue and you can't move it afterwards. Put all pieces in the right place to finish the level.

About the creator:

Photo Puzzle: Swap Edition was created by Avix Games. They are known for their Thumb Fighter games on Poki! Play them here: Thumb Fighter, Thumb Fighter Christmas, Photo Puzzle: Swap Edition, Photo Puzzle: Jigsaw Edition.