Zoo Games

Our collection is great for everyone who loves animals. You can visit a real-life or fantasy-based zoo, and see all of your favorite animals! Hop amongst monkeys, trek through the forest like a gorilla, and even ride an elephant in our zoo games! If you can dream it, you can play it! Go on adventures with your favorite creatures of the sea, swim through freezing waters, and play with polar bears. Our collection of animal fun will have you hooting, howling, and roaring with fun!

In our zoo collection, you will feel like you are actually amongst animals. Listen to the sounds of snakes, lions, and tigers, and hear the wind rustle through the trees. Fly as a bird, and listen to each bird’s unique song! Or, play a drawing game, and fill in the details, painting a picture of your favorite animal companion. When your drawing is finished, share it with all of your friends! A plethora of educational, entertaining wildlife fun is available to you in our free-to-play zoo games!

What are the best free Zoo Games online?

  1. Rodeo Stampede
  2. Rodeo Stampede Tundra
  3. Rodeo Stampede Mountains
  4. Mope.io