Doctor Acorn 2

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Doctor Acorn 2 is a skill game created by Mini Duck Games. Help Dr. Acorn find his headlamp so he can treat his squirrel patients! Dr. Acorn can't move by himself, so you have to help him. Each level contains a series of objects such as fans and spring pads that help Dr. Acorn move. Watch out for the obstacles such as spikes, warthogs and exploding chickens and killer wasps! Don't rush and plan your moves carefully if you want to get all 3 stars!

How to play:

Turn the fans on and off to make Dr. Acorn roll around. Click on the clouds to make them solid. Click on the ducks repeatedly to make them pop. Try to grab all three stars and escape through the yellow portal.

Interact - Click or tap on an object to interact with it

About the creator:

Doctor Acorn 2 was created by Mini Duck Games. Play their other casual games on Poki: Doctor Teeth, Street Ball Jam and Rabbit Samurai