Fox Adventurer

IP Eliseenko Maksim Andreevich4.39,419 votes

Fox Adventurer is a platformer game created by Mini Duck Games. Help Mr. Fox collect all the precious gems in the magical forest! Mr. Fox always walks in one direction until he hits a wall, and in that case, he turns around and continues walking. With this considered, make your way into the forest and start collecting! Jump to avoid ghosts, spikes and enemies while switching between day and night to unlock hidden paths. You can even clone yourself to reach higher spaces when you're stuck! Are you ready for a magical adventure like no other?

How to play:

Jump - V

Switch between day and night - Z

Clone - C

Remove copy - X

About the creator:

Fox Adventurer was created by Mini Duck Games. Play their other casual games on Poki: Street Ball Jam, Rabbit Samurai, doctor-acorn, Penalty Superstar and Doctor Teeth