Funny Puppy Emergency

Go Panda Games Studio4.533,093 votes

Funny Puppy Emergency is a simulation game where you rescue and tend to little dogs in distress. Run and help various puppies who are hurt by taking care of their needs such as removing splinters, straightening tails, curing lumps, applying medicine, and more. If the pups are in pain during the procedure, don't forget to stop and pet them to let them know they are going to be okay! Are you ready to turn these sad dogs into happy dogs with wagging tails?

How to play Funny Puppy Emergency?

Click or tap on a medicine or medical equipment use it. When the game shows arrow shapes, follow the same shape with your cursor or finger to repeat it.

Who created Funny Puppy Emergency?

Funny Puppy Emergency is created by Go Panda Games, an indie developer studio based in South Surabaya, Indonesia. They have many other cute games on Poki: Yummy Taco, Funny Cooking Camp, Funny Camping Day, Funny Travelling Airport, Funny Throat Surgery 2, Yummy Waffle Ice Cream, Cooking Korean Lesson, Funny Pet Haircut, Funny Puppy Dressup, Funny Kitty Dressup, Funny Nose Surgery, and Hipster vs Rockers

How can I play Funny Puppy Emergency for free?

You can play Funny Puppy Emergency for free on Poki.

Can I play Funny Puppy Emergency on mobile devices and desktop?

Funny Puppy Emergency can be played on your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.