Pogo Penguin

DoubleDutch Games4.44,566 votes

Pogo Penguin is a cool and cute penguin game by DoubleDutch Games. In this game you control a penguin on a pogo stick. You have to dodge obstacles while collecting as much food as you can. During the round you can collect many power-ups to make your life easy and jump as far as you can! Compete with your friends by setting the best high-score or check out who can jump the furthest distance. By jumping over the obstacles quickly, the game gives you a boost which makes your score go up even faster. The game gives you cool objectives that you can complete. Finishing an objective earns you a nice reward. Collect coins in the level and buy some nice upgrades from the store for the speedboost or coin magnet, or buy upgrades for items that you can collect in the game, like invincibility or the star boost! The game features a cute soundtrack, a cool background and nice characters that you have to dodge on your pogo stick. Can you set a highscore? 


Jump forward/Confirm choice (menu) - space
Navigate through menu - arrow keys

About the creator:

Pogo Penguin was created by DoubleDutch Games. They are also known for the famous game Speed Runners.