Crazy Party

Cute Army4.116,132 votes

Crazy Party is a town management game that features a collection of multiplayer mini games. You start by managing a small village that has some Cutie residents living in it. Accept mini game challenges from your neighbours or challenge them yourself. There are a variety of mini games like Sumo, Bite the Butt, Ice Racing, Tug of War, Rocket Battle, Fishing, Jump the Rope, FoFrogger, and more! You can play them solo or with your friends. You can spend the money you've earned from mini games on gorgeous customization items and skins. In the town view, you can also manage your resources to develop your dream village. Complete missions, spin the reward wheel, unlock achievements, recruit new Cuties be the best mayor this town has ever seen!

How to play Crazy Party?

Select a mini game using your mouse and follow the on-screen instructions.

Who created Crazy Party?

Crazy Party is created by Cute Army. Play their other stealthy platform game on Poki: A Cat Story

Is Crazy Party an online game or an offline game?

You need an internet connection to play Crazy Party on Poki.

How can I play Crazy Party on PC?

You can play Crazy Party on your browser without installing or downloading for free on Poki.

Is Crazy Party safe to play?

Yes, Crazy Party is completely safe to play.