8Bit Fiesta

Frozen Dev4.022,308 votes

8Bit Fiesta is a multiplayer skill game created by Frozen Dev. Choose between a ton of characters, challenge your friends in various minigames and prove yourself worthy the title "King of the Fiesta". 8Bit Fiesta has fast, action-packed local multiplayer mayhem that will entertain you and your friends for hours. If you're not into multiplayer, there is also a single player mode with a humorous story. Go ahead and check it all out!

How to play:

Select "No Friend" mode to play by yourself, and the "Multiplayer" mode to play locally with your friends.

Player 1

Move - Arrow keys

Action keys - M and N

Player 2

Move - WASD keys

Action keys - T and R

Player 3

Move - 8456 keys (Numpad)

Action keys - 1 and 0

Player 4

Move - UHJK keys

Action keys - P and O

About the creator:

8Bit Fiesta was created by Frozen Dev. This is their first game on Poki!