Minibattles Survivor

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Minibattles Survivor is an arcade game that contains 65 easy-to-play casual mini games! Say goodbye to stress with these simple yet challenging party games in Minibattles Survivor. Climb the winner's ladder that consists of 20 rounds, and beat all of the games to prove to your friends that you are the true survivor! Represent your country in the global leaderboards, unlock Pro Mode to practice and get better, replay your favorite games, and most importantly, have fun!

How to play Minibattles Survivor?

Press the action button at the right time to gain points.

Primary action button - Up arrow key

Secondary action button - A or Left mouse button

Tertiary action button - D or Right mouse button

Who created Minibattles Survivor?

Minibattles Survivor is created by YouDevice! Play their other game on Poki: SuperBattle 2

Can I play Minibattles Survivor on mobile or desktop?

Minibattles Survivor is playable both on your desktop and on your mobile phone for free on Poki.