Dolphin Games

Dolphins are one of the smartest creatures known to man. In our collection, you can take control of a marine mammal, and experience life as one of these magical creatures! Play in the ocean with other creatures, perform tricks out of water, and go deep sea diving. You’ll earn points in our dolphin games for performing tricks, catching fish, and escaping from sharks. You can also compete in the Ocean Olympics, testing your skills against other world-class bottlenoses! Start exploring the ocean right now, and dive into our gaming collection!

Twist, flip, and jump through the sky just by using your keyboard. No other controls are necessary to navigate with the talented mammals in our dolphin games. Play in colorful 2D or illustrious 3D, and experience the world’s vast oceans. We also have alternative gameplay options, where you can control hungry sharks or Moby Dick. In the former, play as a shark on the hunt; the beaches and shallow waters are your underwater forest! Or, play as Moby Dick, and attempt to swallow ships in our dolphin collection!

What are the best free Dolphin Games online?

  1. My Dolphin Show 7

What are the most popular Dolphin Games for the mobile phone or tablet?

  1. My Dolphin Show 7