Bricks 'N Balls

Cheetah Games4.5110,885 votes

Bricks 'N Balls is an arcade game where you have to hit every block with a string of balls until they disappear.

How to play:

In Bricks 'N Balls you start with a number of balls which you can shoot. Once you shoot the balls they will all fly in a string across the level. Each level is build from blocks with a certain amount of hit-points. When you have hit the bricks often enough to get its HP down, the brick disappears and your way is open to aim for other bricks. The balls can bounce of the bricks so if you aim well you can finish levels in one shot!

About the creator:

Bricks 'N Balls was created by Cheetah Games. They are also known for Rolling Sky, Dancing Line and Piano Tiles 2 which are available on Poki!