Shell Shockers

Blue Wizard Digital4.52,114,680 votes

Shell Shockers, also referred to as, is a 3D multiplayer egg-based shooter. In the game, you fight against other online gun-toting eggs. Shell Shockers has four game modes and 40+ different maps. Also, it is now possible to fully customize your egg with colors, hats, stamps, and loadout. Go into battle carrying an Eggk-47, RPEGG, or a Crackshot. In Shell Shockers, you can also see your KDR (Kill Death Ratio). The higher your KDR, the better. Since it means that you have more kills than deaths. If you are competitive, compare your KDR to your friends and make sure yours is the highest.

Play Shell Shockers now online for free on your PC here on Poki. No download is required, just play the game directly in your browser. On our website, you can also play Shell Shockers in full-screen mode. Enjoy your Egg Hunt here on Poki!

Game Modes


There are 2 teams, a red team, and a blue team. Work together with your team to kill players of the other team. You can only switch teams if the other team has fewer players.

Free for All

All players fight against each other. You do not have to hesitate when you see an egg, just shoot at it without thinking. Try to be the one player with the most kills.

Captula the Spatula

This game mode is similar to the famous game mode 'capture-the-flag'. However, now the flags are swapped with golden spatulas. Steal the spatula of the opponents and return it to your own spatula. This mode is also team-based. The spatula will be dropped upon death, pick it up to either recover it or to continue your fallen teammate's journey!

King of the Coop

Find, defend and capture 5 coops to win in the newest game mode and become rooster royalty!


There are 7 different primary weapons to choose from; EggK-47 (Assault Rifle), Scrambler (Shotgun), Free Ranger (Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle), RPEGG (Rocket Launcher), Whipper (SMG), Crackshot (Bolt Action Sniper Rifle), Tri-Hard (3-Round Burst Assault Rifle). You will have a Pistol as your secondary weapon. Use your eggs to buy camos and customize your weapons.

How to play Shell Shockers?

  • Move around using WASD. Keep looking around with your cursor to spot enemies.
  • Shoot your enemies using Left Mouse Click and use LShift to aim.
  • Use Spacebar to jump
  • Use Q to throw a Grenade
  • Use R to Reload your weapon
  • Use E to Swap weapon

How many maps does Shell Shockers have?

Shell Shockers currently has 40+ different maps to play, and there are still new ones coming in.

Is it possible to get an invisible shell in Shell Shockers?

Unfortunately this is just a bug... Or is it hacked?! In that case, we consider it cheating, so we are not going to tell you how:).

Who developed Shell Shockers?

Shell Shockers is developed by Blue Wizard Digital. Another title by Blue Wizard Digital is sugarshock-io.

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