4th and Goal 2016

Tony Corbin4.75,998 votes

4th and Goal 2016 is an American Football-game created by Tony Corbin. In this game you are playing as the Quarterback of your football team and you have to make the calls to score touchdowns and convert them. Choose different moves from the playbook to set up a wonderful passing play, or try to snatch a few meters for yourself and set up another play. Choose your plays from the playbook wisely, so you can unblock other players to score a try and try to make it a team effort! Join a world-class football team and win the championship! Prepare for the next Super Bowl in 4th and Goal 2016. You can play as either of the best teams in the NFL. Execute the best plays on offense to score!

How to play:

Move - Arrow keys
Pass/Play - A/S/D
Boost - W
Snap ball - Spacebar
Menu navigation - Mouse

About the creator:

4th and Goal 2016 was created by Tony Corbin. It is part of the 4th and Goal series that started back in 2009. Tony Corbin has also made different American Football games since then, like Linebacker Alley, Linebacker Alley 2, 4th and Goal 2019 and 4th and Goal 2020 which are also available on Poki!