Shell Shockers

Blue Wizard Digital4.51,778,610 votes

Shell Shockers is a 3D multiplayer egg-based multiplayer shooter. In the game you fight you against other online gun-toting eggs. The game has several gaming modes: Free For All, Teams and Captula the Spatula, which is similar to Capture the Flag. Also, it is now possible to fully customize your egg with colors, hats, stamps and loadout. Go into battle carrying an Eggk-47, RPEGG or a Crackshot. Don't forget to use the power-ups by clicking the chicken-nugget in the bottom and be sure to crack those other eggs in battle!

How to play Shell Shockers?

This is how you play Shell Shockers:

  • Move around using WASD. Keep looking around with your cursor to spot enemies.
  • Shoot your enemies using LMB and use LShift to aim.
  • Use spacebar to jump
  • Use Q to throw a grenade
  • Don't forget to reload your gun using R

How many maps does Shell Shockers have?

Shell Shockers currently has a total of 21 different maps to play, but there are still new ones coming in.

Is it possible to get an invisible shell in Shell Shockers?

Unfortunately this is just a bug... Or is it hacked?! In that case we consider it cheating, so we are not going tell you how:).

Who developed Shell Shockers?

Shell Shockers is developed by Blue Wizard Digital. Another titles by Blue Wizard Digital is

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