Cosmic Cannon

Nitrome3.7271 votes

Cosmic Cannon is a skill game created by Nitrome. Keep the ball in the air for as long as possible by shooting other balls to support it. Every time two balls hit each other, the number in the middle of the balls will increase by one. Balls with cameos of the faces of other Nitrome characters may appear, but they don't count towards your score when they hit other balls. So keep hitting the regular balls and beat your own high score!

How to play:

Click or tap anywhere on the screen to shoot a ball. Increase your score by hitting the same ball repeatedly.

About the creator:

Cosmic Cannon was created by Nitrome as a flash game, and later converted to HTML5 by AwayFL. Play Nitrome's other flash games on Poki: Coil, Cold Storage, Bad Ice-Cream, Bad Ice-Cream 2, Bad Ice-Cream 3, Cave Chaos, Cave Chaos 2, Mutiny, Skywire, Twin Shot and Test Subject Blue