HTML5 Games

Our HTML5 games are playable on all devices! You can enjoy a relaxing puzzle, play cards, or compete in arcade competitions on your tablet, mobile phone, and desktop computer. We have totally free Mahjong titles, Sudoku challenges, and variations of solitaire. Try a bubble shooter game on your iPhone, or match colored tiles on your Android tablet. All genres are available on all devices!

Have fun with famous game series like Sir Coins-a-Lot, Andy's Golf, and Slacking! Each of our HTML5 games is cross-device playable for entertainment at home, with friends, or while traveling. Immerse yourself in the action in mere seconds, and don't stop until you set a high score! You can share your progress with friends, and even compete with them instantly!

What are the best free HTML5 Games online?

  1. 1010! Deluxe
  2. Temple Run 2
  3. Tingly Bubble Shooter
  4. Puppet Master
  5. Aqua Thrills
  6. Temple Run 2: Holi Festival
  7. Temple Run 2: Frozen Festival
  8. Boxing Fighter Shadow Battle
  9. Cut The Rope
  10. Temple Run 2: Spooky Summit

What are the most popular HTML5 Games for the mobile phone or tablet?

  1. 1010! Deluxe
  2. Temple Run 2
  3. Tingly Bubble Shooter
  4. Temple Run 2: Holi Festival
  5. Boxing Fighter Shadow Battle