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Scribble is a Lemmings-type game made by Nitrome. In this game you help a group of small characters reach the end of a level. You help them by drawing lines and ink structures to fill or avoid the pitfalls and traps.

How to play:

Controls are explained in-game

About the creator:

This game was created by Nitrome as a flash game, and later emulated in HTML5 by AwayFL for Poki. Play Nitrome's other flash games on Poki: Swindler 2, Avalanche, Cave Chaos 2, Enemy 585, Silly Sausage, Swindler, Coil, Cold Storage, Twin Shot 2, Bad Ice-Cream, Bad Ice-Cream 2, Bad Ice-Cream 3, Cave Chaos, Mutiny, Skywire, Twin Shot, Test Subject Green and Test Subject Blue