Rainbow Star Pinball

b10b4.16,498 votes

Rainbow Star Pinball is a retro-styled arcade game developed by b10b. Rainbow Star Pinball spins the classic pinball game around by giving it a stunningly colorful look. In this game, you will enter a magical world, escape an enchanted forest, meet unicorns, unite princes and princesses at their romantic ball, and ultimately find every treasure at the end of the rainbow. Get ready to enjoy this exciting pinball game!

How to play:

Move paddles - A/D or Left/Right arrow keys

Shoot ball - S or Down arrow

Tilt table - W or Up arrow

About the creator:

Rainbow Star Pinball is created by b10b, a Canadian game development company that offers free-to-play browser games with arcade-style gameplay at their core. Play their other games Stock Car Hero, Superbike Hero and Skateboard Hero on Poki!