Bumper Cars Soccer

Avix Games4.387,827 votes

Bumper Cars Soccer is a sports and car game created by Avix Games. Are you ready for a new type of soccer played in cars? Choose your vehicle, drive around a football pitch and try to score goals against your opponent. Combine your driving skills with your agility to be the champion in this game. You can play against your friends locally or match against challenging bots. Whether you're rocket fast or slow behind the wheel, you have a shot at this league!

How to play:

(Player 1) Steer - WASD

(Player 2) Steer - Arrow keys

About the creator:

Bumper Cars Soccer is created by Avix Games. They have many other fun puzzle and multiplayer games on Poki: Thumb Fighter, Thumb Fighter Halloween, Thumb Fighter Christmas, Jigsaw Photo Puzzle: Summer, Photo Puzzle: Jigsaw Edition, Photo Puzzle: Swap Edition, Photo Puzzle: Slide Edition, Turn Right and Twice!