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Bomba is an action platform game created by Nitrome. In this game, your goal is to guide our character using your mouse or finger to reach all the designated stars without touching the walls or any moving objects. Travel to one of the bomb dispensers and grab them, then destroy all of the enemies and moss clumps. Go ahead and enjoy 30 exciting levels full of explosions and adventure. This is the best classic mouse avoider game that you can play online for free!

How to play:

Activate/select character - Click or tap

Drop bomb - Click (if holding one)

About the creator:

Bomba was created by Nitrome as a flash game, and later emulated in HTML5 by AwayFL. Play Nitrome's other flash games on Poki: Swindler 2, Avalanche, Final Ninja, Final Ninja Zero, Silly Sausage, Swindler, Coil, Cold Storage, Bad Ice-Cream, Bad Ice-Cream 2, Bad Ice-Cream 3, Cave Chaos, Cave Chaos 2, Mutiny, Skywire, Twin Shot, Test Subject Green and Test Subject Blue