Totems of Tag

Pandaqi3.94,654 votes

Totems of Tag is a sports game where you play realtime dodgeball alone or friends. The rules are simple: Throwing a ball against someone else removes one of their lives. When you have no lives left, you die and are out of the game. So the winner is the last player standing. You and your opponents will all start in one of the various arenas the game has to offer. There are different game modes and maps that you can configure, so each game feels fresh and different. There are also a variety of power-ups that force you to think on your feet, and unique ball types keep games varied. This will let you to strategize and come up with your own playstyle. For example, you can skip several power-ups until you've found the most useful one. Totems of Tag is much more fun when you play with friends!

How to play Totems of Tag?

Control your throw power by holding your designated action key, and arrange your curve by rotating.

Move - Arrow Keys (Player 1), WASD (Player 2), UHJK (Player 3), FCVB (Player 4)

Shoot - Space (Player 1), R (Player 2), O (Player 3), Z (Player 4)

Who created Totems of Tag?

Totems of Tag was created by Pandaqi. This is their first game on Poki!

How can I play Totems of Tag for free?

You can play Totems of Tag for free on Poki.

Can I play Totems of Tag on mobile devices and desktop?

Totems of Tag can be played on your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.