Pixel Volley

FM Studio3.917,715 votes

Pixel Volley is a 2 player volleyball game with a retro style that includes a ton of characters, levels and game customization. The menu lets you choose between three different modes. The volleyball icon is for quick matches. The trophy icon is for a tournament, and the podium icon is for the Star League. When you win the Star league, you unlock the Sun league! On the bottom you have the awesome local two player mode. Next to that. the game features many customization options. There are already more than 50 characters to choose from! And you can customize the rules of the game. You can for instance play with a net that moves up and down, a ball that shrinks in size, or play with an American football or a ball with a saw on the bottom! Your characters act like bowling pins, jumping towards the side that they facing, so make sure to always check where your characters are going. Can you beat the tournaments, leagues and your friends in Pixel Volley? 


Single player

Move - arrow left / arrow right

Two player

Move - arrow left / arrow right

Move - Z / X

About the creator: 

Pixel Volley was created by FM Studio, who are based in Italy. This is their first game on Poki!