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Touchdowners is an American football game, created by Colin Lane, the developer behind Dunkers 2, Rowdy Wrestling, and more! Play Touchdowners on Poki in single player or two player mode to see who the touchdown champ will be. Your challenge: beat the other team to the most touchdowns! With your group of three players you'll need to run, jump, and pass in order to get to your end zone first.


Arrow keys - Move left/right
Z - Pass ball
Two player mode
Player 1
Z - Move left
X - Move right
C - Pass ball
Player 2
Arrow keys - Move left/right
M - Pass ball

About the creator:

Touchdowners is created by Colin Lane Games, a one-man studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. Colin Lane's other games include b-ball hit Dunkers 2 and also Wrassling, Temple of Boom, Fortz and Golf Zero.

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