Jelly Bounce 3D

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Jelly Bounce 3D is an arcade game where you control a little jelly block jumping upwards in various platforms. Simply press and hold down your finger or the left mouse button to control the jelly block's horizontal movements. Keep jumping off the platforms onto other ones without falling. Those platform will reduce in once jumped already so watch out for your move! Collect the stars and reach the pinnacle. Keep collecting points so you can upgrade the jelly skins.

How to play Jelly Bounce 3D?

Click or tap on an object to pick it up and use it.

Who created Jelly Bounce 3D?

Jelly Bounce 3D is created by BuyHTML5. Play their other games on Poki: 11-11, 99 Balls, Dunkbrush, Ice Cream, Please!, Scary Hill, Tiny Fishing and Winter Dodge

Can I play Jelly Bounce 3D on mobile or desktop?

Jelly Bounce 3D is playable both on your desktop and on your mobile phone on Poki for free: Jelly Bounce 3D