Smoots Pinball Zombie

Kaneda Games3.911,568 votes

Smoots Pinball Zombie is a pinball game with local multiplayer support up to four players. It offers a twist to your classic pinball experience by featuring stunning 3D graphics with spooky, but stylish elements. All you have to do is control the flippers on both sides of the table and not drop the ball. This pinball table has many secrets and surprises for you to discover. How high can you go without dropping the ball?

How to play:

Flick the left and right flippers to keep the ball on the table.
Flick left - A or Left Arrow Key
Flick right - D or Right Arrow Key
Shake table - Tab
Pause - Escape
Start / Use - Space

About the creator:

Smoots Pinball Zombie was created by Kaneda Games. This is their first game on Poki!