Martijn Kunst4.37,426 votes

Dudeball is a game where you have to skillfully make your way across the floating ice and reach the flag to finish the level. To start, set the angle and power of the big yeti that will hit you, and start flying. You can use your parachute to slow down your flight and land safely on the ice. The game slowly introduces more obstacles like turtles and introduces tools to help you get to your goal. Every level contains three courses for you to complete. Complete all three to gain three stars! You'll need a certain amount of stars to progress in the levels, so make sure to try and finish all of them. Along your way you can collect coins. You can spend them in the menu to buy an extra parachute an aero suit and more! Can you complete every level in Dudeball? 


Set shot angle - A / D or left and right arrow or right mouse click
Hit - W or arrow up or left mouse click
Parachute - W or down arrow

About the creator: 

Dudeball was created by Martijn Kunst. He is known for Raft Wars, Raft Wars 2 and Raft Wars Multiplayer, all playable here on Poki!