Bring me Cakes

Potato Jam4.3129,180 votes

Bring me Cakes is a puzzle game that is inspired by the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale. Only here, you have to collect cakes to bring to your grandmother. You can only move in straight lines, so you have to figure out a way to get to the end of the level. Along the way there will be obstacles and dangerous wolves for you to avoid. Puzzle your way through the levels and make Granny happy with your cakes! Use special items like dynamite, a hint by Granny or reversing your last move, to help you along the way. The game features more than 130 levels divided over 3 chapters, the forest, the mine and the ice land. Next to that, there are another 61 bonus levels that you can unlock! Can you complete every level in Bring me Cakes? 

About the creator: 

Bring me Cakes was created by Potato Jam. This is their second game on Poki after Onet Paradise! 

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