Helicopter Games

Become a chopper pilot and prove your skills in one of our helicopter games. Our collection of challenges features high-octane chopper action; fly at blazing speeds, and shoot missiles to win! You can fly in one of many different helicopters, choosing whichever aircraft you desire for each mission. Protect your country, go on rescue missions, or play full-out war! Colorful graphics, realistic controls, and challenging opponents are part of every adventure in our collection!

The variation of our helicopter games will keep you entertained for many hours on end. You can take flight, weave between obstacles, and aim at your enemies directly from the cockpit of a fighter chopper. Or, view the entire environment at once, and utilize an overhead perspective for a different vantage point. Engage in battle with dangerous enemies, or relax and build structures with construction helicopters. With Apaches, Seahawks, and Sky Guardians at your disposal, you'll feel like a real pilot!

What are the best free Helicopter Games online?

  1. Warbrokers.io
  2. Hero Rescue
  3. Minibattles Survivor

What are the most popular Helicopter Games for the mobile phone or tablet?

  1. Hero Rescue
  2. Minibattles Survivor