Nugget Royale

Pelican Party Studios4.2125,466 votes

Nugget Royale is a true battle royale game where you have to become to only surviving chicken! You are on your way to the final destination but there is one way to get out of there: Push all the other chickens aside to make sure you don't end up in the machine. Keep in mind that only one chick survives so you'll have to push the others down... Nugget Royale is also known as and you are playing in an arena against 80 other online competitors.
You can play Nugget Royale online for free on Poki.


W/A/S/D - Move around
Space - Jump

About the creator:

Pelican Party is a team of two creators who are based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Jurgen is creating the visuals for the games. The game-mechanics are developed by Jesper (the End). They have also created splix-io and

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