Nano War

Okashi Games4.29,852 votes

After the mother cell becomes infected, the local cells come together to destroy all the infected cells! Nano War is a strategy game where to win, you have to capture all the infected cells and turn them blue! Capture the neutral cells first to build your strength before attacking the infected cells to win! Can you remove all the bad cells from the body to bring balance back?

How to play Nano War

Move the mouse cursor and drag a line from one cell to another to send cells

Who created Nano War?

Nano War is created by Okashi Games. Check out their other game on Poki: MicroWars !

How can I play Nano War for free?

You can play Nano War for free on Poki

Can I play Nano War on mobile devices and desktop?

Nano War can be played on your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets