Break the Siesta

Havana244.28,745 votes

Break the Siesta is an action platformer where you traverse obstacle-filled levels and eat peppers to stay awake. You have a mysterious disease that makes you fall asleep if you don't get your spice intake. Climb up the platform where a huge delicious pepper awaits you in each level. Small peppers are your friend, water and milk drops are your worst enemy. Are you ready for a game that spices things up? Go on this yummy adventure to taste every type of hot pepper in existence from the lowest Scoville Scale to the highest!

How to play Break the Siesta?

Jump - Space bar, mouse click, or tap

Who created Break the Siesta?

Break the Siesta is created by havana24. Play their other skill games on Poki: Tired to Fall and Klung

How can I play Break the Siesta for free?

You can play Break the Siesta for free on Poki.

Can I play Break the Siesta on mobile devices and desktop?

Break the Siesta can be played on your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.