Sara's Cooking Class Games

Sara is a friendly, professional chef who knows how to bake just about anything. She can create fantastic appetizers, entrees, and desserts. With our Sara's Cooking Class games, you will make amazing dishes, too! Each culinary adventure begins by preparing the correct ingredients. Learn how to slice vegetables, mix items together, and add seasoning for extra flavor. Student chefs have a limited amount of time to complete every step. Use knives, spoons, and mixing tools to perform each task before it's too late!

Our Sara's Cooking Class games include foods from around the world. Players will work up an appetite making pancakes, chicken noodle soup, and nachos. Then, it's time to cook the main dish! Follow the chef's recipes to make Chicken Parmesan, Risotto, or Garlic Shrimp. There are plenty of games available featuring your favorite desserts, too. Bake cookies, decorate cupcakes, or serve key lime pie! Players can also prepare holiday foods, such as spooky snacks for Halloween or Thanksgiving turkey. Follow Sara's lessons to become a master chef!