Bubble Shooter Heroes

Rabbit Mountain4.34,139 votes

Bubble Shooter Heroes is a board game and bubble shooter game in one! Roll the dice and reach the different marked destinations on the board, here you can play the bubble shooter game, open a chest and more. Save all the animals, and roll on to the next one. But pay attention, if you skip one destination, make sure to roll on until you reach it again. Once you have rescued all animals, you get a key to continue towards the next map. And not only animals are the to be saved, dragons too! At the start you can pick a character, and there are multiple achievents to collect along the way! Can you rescue all animals and complete Bubble Shooter Heroes? 

About the creator:

Bubble Shooter Heroes was created by Rabbit Mountain. They are known for Aqua Thrills and Roller Coaster Builder 2. Both playable on Poki!

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