Surgery Games

Feel the intensity of working in an emergency room in our surgery games. As a professional surgeon, you will have the ability to make life-changing decisions. First, you must diagnose your patient's injury. Then, determine the correct course of action. Most likely, they will need immediate surgery! In the ER, you can provide anesthesia to ensure your patient won't feel any pain. Your medical degree and experience will come in handy during each operation. Listen to your colleagues for additional advice!

Our surgery games feature many different types of realistic action. As an arm surgeon, you will learn how to use a scalpel and tourniquet to repair a broken arm. Other challenges include virtual knee surgery, where you can perform a complete knee replacement. Perfectly steady hands are required when removing cataracts from patients' eyes. Fans of plastic surgery can learn exactly how to perform a nose job. For a more gruesome adventure, work as an amateur surgeon on the street!

What are the best free Surgery Games online?

  1. Feets Doctor Urgent Care
  2. Doctor Hero
  3. Hospital Stories: Doctor Soccer
  4. Funny Bone Surgery
  5. Become a Nurse
  6. Hospital Stories: Doctor Rugby
  7. Become A Dentist
  8. Funny Ear Surgery
  9. Hospital Stories: Doctor Basketball
  10. Funny Throat Surgery 2

What are the most popular Surgery Games for the mobile phone or tablet?

  1. Feets Doctor Urgent Care
  2. Hospital Stories: Doctor Soccer
  3. Funny Bone Surgery
  4. Become a Nurse
  5. Hospital Stories: Doctor Rugby