Surgeon Games

Become a medical professional with our collection of surgeon games! Your patients are in dire need of help, so scrub up and prepare your surgical tools. After prepping the patient, you can perform intense, life-saving procedures. Follow the medical guide to provide anesthesia, perform incisions, and repair the bodily damage. You must complete each step safely to avoid harming anyone. Go from feeling like an intern to an emergency room master!

Many of our surgeon games feature a humorous or dark twist. You can use amateur tools on Santa's elves, and pray that the random items around the shop suffice. You don't have to be a real doctor to enjoy the challenge of each procedure. In-game instructions and your helpers will guide you through every step. Learn how to remove tonsils, complete a nose job, and even perform a complete heart transplant!

What are the best free Surgeon Games online?

  1. Doctor Hero
  2. Hospital Stories: Doctor Rugby
  3. Hospital Stories: Doctor Soccer
  4. Hospital Stories: Doctor Basketball
  5. Doctor Teeth 2
  6. Funny Throat Surgery 2

What are the most popular Surgeon Games for the mobile phone or tablet?

  1. Hospital Stories: Doctor Rugby
  2. Hospital Stories: Doctor Soccer
  3. Hospital Stories: Doctor Basketball
  4. Doctor Teeth 2
  5. Funny Throat Surgery 2