Pop It Games

Don't miss out on the latest trend "Pop It". Our Pop It games are fun and satisfying. Play them from your home, school, work, or wherever you are. You can play Pop It alone or with friends. Our games have Pop It Fidget Boards in all shapes, colors, and sizes!

Our Pop It Games can all be played for free and online on the PC, Mobile Phones and Tablets as well. Enjoy Popping!

What are the most popular free online Pop It Games for the PC?

What are the best online Pop It Games for mobile phones and tablets?

How do you play Pop It Fidget Games?

  1. Find a friend or someone else to play with.
  2. Rock, paper, scissors to see who goes first.
  3. Players will take turns to choose on row and POP as many bubbles as they want (in that row only). You can pop a bubble by using a mouse or touchscreen.
  4. The next player will choose any one row that has any unpopped bubbles and POP as many as they want in that row only.
  5. Players will continue taking turns until one player is forced to POP the last bubble. That player loses the round, but don't worry! Flip the board and start over. The first player to win three rounds is the winner.

Are there other ways to play Pop It?

Yes there are!

  1. In the advanced version, the gameplay is the same except the players can only POP bubbles in a row that are directly next to each other without any popped bubbles in between.
  2. You can try to pop as fast as possible all the bubbles. Keep track of your fastest time and dare other people to beat your time!
  3. Use the Pop It fidget board as a way to relax. Enjoy popping bubbles in any order you like. Make it as soothing as possible!