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Super Soccer Noggins

Compete for Le Croissant Cup in Super Soccer Noggins! This totally crazy sports game features cartoon athletes in one-on-one matchups. During the first tournament, you can play as Russia, England, or Germany. If you score more goals than the other team within 60 seconds, you will win $100,000 and advance to the next round. Each new match includes field and athlete modifications. Play against Mexico and Brazil for the Pinata Trophy, and lead Austria to victory in the Hei Tiki Taka Cup. Accomplish the Jetpack Ace and Living Legend achievements for big cash bonuses!

Super Soccer Noggins is a highly anticipated online Sports game which will be coming soon to this gaming portal. This game will be completely free to play here at We will make sure Super Soccer Noggins can be found here immediately when it is launched. In the meantime, check out our other 304 Sports Games, which are rated 94% on average by 237.502 players. Or maybe try out one of our Soccer Games, Basketball Games or World Cup Games.

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