Golf Games

Our golf games offer many hours of 9- and 18-hole entertainment. You can choose from plenty of courses, which offer realistic holes and exciting challenges. Avoid deep sand traps, stay away from water hazards, and try to sink the final putt in the least amount of strokes possible! Our collection will test every aspect of your craft, from long drives to chips to putts. Practice your backswing, perfect your aim, and hit balls like Tiger Woods! Play any type of golf challenge, including match play, stroke play, and skins.

Our golf games also include alternate and arcade challenges, such as space and gravity-altering levels. In some challenges, you can play on Mario-themed courses and other magical lands. Practice individual skills such as driving and putting in specialized games, and try to set new records! Even play games which alter physics, always changing and keeping you on your toes. For a fast challenge, try one of our mini-golf challenges, which offer several types of putt-putt courses. Grab your bag and hit our courses today!

What are the best free Golf Games online?

  2. Golf Champions
  3. Battle Golf
  4. 100% Golf
  5. Golfinity
  6. Golf Zero

What are the most popular Golf Games for the mobile phone or tablet?

  2. Golf Champions
  3. 100% Golf
  4. Golfinity