Hidden Object Games

Where’s Waldo? Take Seek and Find games to the next level in one of our hidden object games! You can put your detective skills to the test, and try to find characters and objects carefully hiding everywhere. Our hidden objects levels will take you to exotic and scary environments, including a haunted forest, dark cellars, or a breathtaking garden! We also feature many of your favorite video game characters, including Sonic the Hedgehog, The Berenstain Bears, and Cinderella!

You’ll feel like Sherlock Holmes in our hidden object games. Use a magnifying glass, night vision, and other tools to help detect clues. Some of our challenges are full-on mystery adventures, immersing you into full, movie-like stories. Take a journey across the world, into Tahiti, over the ocean, and across mystical European lands. Your detective skills will be put to the test in our hidden objects challenges. Find objects, complete word puzzles, and solve other puzzling challenges today!