Firefighter Games

Fighting fires is a dangerous occupation, and now you can risk it all to succeed in our exciting firefighter games. You’ll be challenged to slide down the fire pole, get out of the station, and drive the big, red firetruck to the scene of the fire. When on the road, you’ll face plenty of challenges and frightening obstacles. Successfully arrive at the fire, and you can use a whole plethora of tools to put out the fire! Connect a powerful fire hose to a fire hydrant and let the battle begin. Manage the fire successfully, put it out in time, and you’ll win big points!

Our firefighter games also let you fight fires from the sky. You can become a pro pilot and drive various aircraft to put out fires. Drop hundreds of gallons of water, spraying the fire with water as you fly on the path to win. If you completely put out the fires, you’ll earn big bonus points and become a true hero! For the adventurous player, we also have alternative firefighter challenges. In one alternative, you can even drop water balloons onto flaming cars and other objects!

What are the best free Firefighter Games online?

  1. Hero Rescue

What are the most popular Firefighter Games for the mobile phone or tablet?

  1. Hero Rescue