Checkers Games

Checkers isn’t just a board game; in our challenging collection, you’ll find plenty of variations and virtual renditions of the classic strategy game. Choose from far more colors than red or black, and select one of dozens of different board designs! If you prefer basic, simple action, we have the perfect game for you. Want a more advanced challenge? Try 3-in-1 or Chinese variations! Rapid-fire action and cunning strategy challenges are waiting for you in our checkers games collection.

Our checkers games also feature varying levels of artificial intelligence (AI) for all players. More similar to chess, you can play against genius-level computer opponents and engage in a lengthy, exciting game of Turkish descent. Or, fly into a virtual galaxy, and play against the computer in a kid-friendly game of Space Checkers. In our collection, you can choose between using your mouse or keyboard to move your pieces. Most games will “King" your pieces automatically, leaving you to worry only about making your next move.